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Church at 116 Camp Creek Road, Central, SC 29630

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  • Camp Creek Baptist Church has been blessed by God for over 128 Years. I would recommend it to anyone in the area. It has God honoring music and powerful preaching focused solely on the Word of God that uplifts your heart and at other times convicts.

    Added May 04, 2017 by Dale Ramey
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    just like any church u go to. it does say fellowship is a good thing because God put us on earth to HELP and LIFT each other up. But my experience was an ok one. I cant b the one to judge anything because God is the only one to do so. But I live in Campobello and the church I go to out here they let the Holy Spirit guide the church service on what he puts on thiers hearts. Not bashing or saying anything hateful but it seems that the 40 to 50 times I went it was the same service again and again.couple ppl greeted me every sunday then after a bit it dwindled down. I stood waitn on someone to approach someone new in the congregation but I guess I wasn't good enough or in their eyes Christian enough. but I wish they woulda got to know me more and seen the faith of a mustard I had. But God bless the church and the ppl in it. pray a revival in this church so it can b on fire for the Lord. The Lord don't want us just standin there, and I was at fault while attending there, but he wants us to b on fire and lift his name up and raise our hands to heave and love everyone who goes there no matter what. But God bless you all and hope your church goes on and on thru generations plus. I know I was embaressed to go thru the doors sometimes w the way some ppl dressed to go to the house of God. Guess its like Jesus and lady at the well. I am the least in favor w God than anyone who reads this. I know I am a failure and have no one anymore because ppl in this church has pushed me away from the only family I had here. and was gonna give them a life that they never had because I love them and their mother more than life itself. sayn ur church is growin, aint no one there when I was cause ive talked to ppl gone there and say fake. Christianity is a big difference than what my grandpappy taught me and the moral that dress modest and help those who need it. I did and look where it got me. lied on and laughed behind back and havn on my conscience the rest of my life that I let there mother let em cus and lie bout whats goin on and lettn a one yr old grandson watch pornographic video in her place. I am still to this day sick to stomach because I love those kids so much that I would spend and spend on them just so they have what they NEED. but God bless and like all besides God. here I go again on my own.............. Love u Jesus Christ what u have done and what u will do. u r the best person that I can lean on. trust in the Lord not man. hope everyone can so they can get the full jist of what its like to b a Christian. it is way tougher than bein a wasted junkee who cares bout themselves and can come up w stories in secs and have their kids so good at lyn they oughta have a competition. b on top of this hill until something happens and it sells and I can move from this place of I come asap fam in florida and then Arizona and then Maryland. I just pray that the woman of two young girls in that church can teach her two youngins to stop lyn to ppl that took them in while she was down and out. the looks in the violin players eyes when she is asked to lie and tell stories bout y cant make church or whatever other stories hurt my soul so bad I couldn't do nothn but cry all day today when I finally had to leave cause she said a lie bout me. pastor u know who I am and have been tryn to get a hold of u and dale and jake for days. But them two girls well one now cus other is w a drunk, make sure she is fine and dandy. she wont have wut she needs w out me there to provide food and get her where she needs to get cus gas. but in Gods hand. Pray God puts the fire of the Holy Spirit in your church yall have a revival. u cant just paln a revival, it happens when no one knows and the Holy Spirit takes control. but this is catholic. they r fake cus wont call bk on a matter. help a woman who teaches kids to lie and devil is w u not God

    Added October 10, 2016 by cornbred cornbred
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